EMS Spec Ca625+ Tq Specifications

1.) Make sure the threads in the block are clean and free from debris
a. Blow head bolt holes out with compressed air, in some situations you may need to
use a flat bottoming tap to properly clean the holes
2.) Lightly coat the bottom of the stud with some of the provided ARP Ultra Lube or engine oil
3.) Install the stud into the block hand tight
a. Be sure to clean any excess lube or oil off of the deck surface once all studs are
4.) Install a new cylinder head gasket
5.) Carefully slide the cylinder head on to the engine block
a. Be careful to no hit the bottom of the head on the studs during installation
6.) Install the washers with the chamfer side down
7.) Apply ARP Ultra Lube to the threads of the stud, the top of the washer (part that contacts
the nut), and the bottom of the nut
8.) Following the torque sequence below, torque the nuts to 35 ft-lbs and loosen them 3 times
in a row
9.) Finally, following the torque sequence below, torque the studs 35 ft-lbs, 55 ft-lbs, and then
80 ft-lbs.
For best results, we recommend letting the engine sit overnight and rechecking torque,
when possible.


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