2021 Bronco 2.3 2.7 Whipple Mega Cooler




Will Only Fit Bronco WITHOUT Adaptive Cruise Control.
Modification to the fan shutters housing for the fan shutters and relocating the fan shutter motor is needed if you have Adaptive Cruise Control
Wanting to increase performance on your new Ford Bronco? Well Whipple Superchargers has done it again with their Mega Cooler Intercooler setup. The Whipple Mega Cooler offers 58% greater internal core volume, 144% increase in external fin surface and 12% less restrictive than stock intercooler core. The robust, TIG welded bar and plate intercooler features offset fin on both the cold and hot side, allowing for increased cooling capacity while fitting into the stock packaging. Test show an amazing 32 degree (F) drop in temperature just on the dyno during back-to-back runs, yet even bigger gains are shown during real world applications. The colder air allows increased spark advance and more O2 to the engine, resulting in more consistent power while maintaining safety.


» Direct Bolt-On Replacement for Factory Intercooler
» 58% Larger Internal Core Volume
» 144% Increase in External Fin Surface
» 12% Less Restrictive than the Stock Intercooler Core
» Tig Welded Bar and Plate Design
» Cooler Intake Air Temps
» Increased Horsepower and Torque
» CARB Approved EO # D-231-73



2021 Ford Bronco 2.7 2.3


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Weight 70 oz


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