EMS BMF Head Setup by MaxCFM Motorsports




Custom cylinder head design based on science and math. No fluff and buff here!! Port work designed to complement your cam spec and fuel system to maximize your setup! Includes the following: port job, lash set for cams, head surfaced, valve job, guides installed and honed.


**The customer must provide camshafts, springs, retainers, buckets, guides and locks (if applicable) for head setup, if build kit not purchased with the head setup.**

Additional information

Weight 960 oz
Dimensions 14 × 16 × 20 in

Will ship good cylinder head, Will provide core cylinder head, New cylinder head required


I will send in parts that meet EMS spec, I want to purchase the build kit


I will send in cams that meet EMS spec, Ford Racing, BP285/BP300


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