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prices include spring kits for selected cams
Budget Build = H-Beam Rods and no keying of the crank, sprocket, and damper Badass Build = I-Beam Rods and keyed crank, sprocket, and damper
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  • New OEM engine block

  • Budget Block specs are rated for 550 whp

  • Badass Block Specs are rated for 700 whp, but add sleeves and it can go to 1000+ whp

  • New-pinned OEM crankshaft (includes matching crank gear and balancer, Badass Build only)

  • New OEM timing cover

  • New OEM oil pump

  • New OEM oil pump chain, gear, and guide

  • MAHLE pistons (standard 9.5:1 or high 10.0:1)

  • Boostline I-beam (Badass Build) or Callies H-beam (Budget Build) connecting rods

  • King main and rod bearings

  • Balance shaft delete

  • 10 mm CA625+ head studs

  • New OEM head gasket

  •  Titanium retainers and upgraded valve springs

  • A new OEM cylinder head with bowl porting

  • Ford Racing Cams or Kelford Cams

***Shipping and Installation charges are not included***



  • Cam shaft and springs / retainers upgrades are available in the drop downs below.

  • Piston upgrades are available in the drop downs below.

        • The EMS Spec high compression pistons are the pinnacle of EcoBoost performance. These were truly designed and engineered based on years of EMS showing Mahle how their pistons react to high boost and insane cylinder pressures in the EcoBoost engine. Of course, some of that has trickled down to the standard compression offering (e.g., the addition of gussets to support the skirt struts), but the high compression pistons include horizontal gas ports to seal the rings tighter under boost, complete removal of the DI bowl to promote a homogenous spread of fueling in the combustion chamber, and an additional ceramic coating to the piston crown! These are the pistons she told you not to worry about…


#1.) Terminal to Terminal Shipping ($400 Each Way) – Goes to a shipping terminal that is in or around to the destination zip code. EMS will email shipping & tracking information to the email on the engine order. When the destination terminal receives your engine, they will call you to arrange pick up.

#2.) Door to Door Shipping ($550 Each Way)-  Goes directly to your door commercial or residential.


#1.) Base Install (Mustang: $1950 / Focus: $2250) – EMS will install a base map provided by your tuner. At this point you will pick up, break in, and E-tune your engine with your tuner at a later time. 

#2.) Base Install + Turn Key Out the Door (See costs below) – EMS will break in the engine and Dyno tune. Break in/Dyno time paid at pickup & does not include tuner live tuning cost. 

  • Break In- 250 miles minimum with 500 recommended at  $1 per mile

  • Dyno Tuning Cost – 1 HR $150 hour. If you hit 4 hrs+ you will get it the rest of the day $650 total.

  • Tuner Live Tuning Cost- Paid to your Tuner (PD Tuning is $75 per hour)


We recommend 500 miles of street driving with lots of engine braking and don’t be afraid to see some boost. Use a 5w30 non-synthetic and a FL400S oil filter. At 500 miles change the oil to whatever oil you like, just make sure that you continue to use a FL400s filter.

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Standard, High[+$400]


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