XClutch Race Carbon Twin Disc Clutch Kit



  • Ultimate Clutch Performance for Race Cars
  • Extra-High Torque Output of 1,240 Pound-Feet
  • Solid Disc Face Structure
  • Twin Discs Crafted From a Carbon Compound
  • Clutch Disc Diameter of 9.05 Inches
  • Input Shaft Diameter of 1 Inch
  • With 23 Input Splines
  • Includes a Flywheel, Pilot Bushing, and Release Bearing
  • Meets SFI Spec 1.1 Standards
  • Comes With a 1-Year or a 12,000-Mile Warranty
  • Compatible With the 2015-2023 Ford Mustang EcoBoost




Ultimate Clutch for Track Performance. If you want your Mustang to win more races, you should definitely get this X-Clutch Race Carbon Twin Disc Clutch Kit. It’s designed to give you better handling and stability, with an impressive torque output and high heat capacity. The chromoly flywheel, on the other hand, improves balance and helps with uniform energy distribution.


Built to Conquer the Tracks. This twin disc clutch kit is specifically designed to help you dominate the tracks. The twin-disc structure enhances pedal feel and also influences ease of handling. In addition, this clutch kit has an impressive 1,240 pound-feet of torque and a 23-spline input that offers more horsepower support to protect the transmission. Finally, the flywheel gives your Mustang improved balance and ensures more consistent delivery of energy. With the help of this clutch kit, your high-power race car will surely be a champion.


Tough and Durable Construction. Everything in this clutch kit is designed to keep up with the rigors of high-performance racing. The carbon compound used for the twin discs exhibits top-notch strength, not to mention a high heat capacity.


With an SFI Certification. This twin disc clutch kit is guaranteed to deliver its promised performance boosts. It has an SFI Spec 1.1 certification, which means it meets or exceeds strict standards for racing flywheels and clutch assemblies.


Covered by a 1-Year or a 12,000-Mile Warranty. X-Clutch warrants that this clutch kit will be free from workmanship and material defects for 1 year or 12,000 miles, whichever occurs first. For more details or any questions about the coverage and policies of this warranty, please get in touch with customer service.


Chromoly Flywheel Construction. The X-Clutch Flywheel included in this kit is crafted using high-grade, explosion-proof chromoly. This is to ensure stability, durability, and enhanced engine response.


Application. This X-Clutch Race Carbon Twin Disc Clutch Kit is designed for use with 2015-2023 models of the Ford Mustang EcoBoost.


Application Notes. This clutch kit comes with an SMF conversion kit. Use this to convert your Mustang’s OE DMF assembly.


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