Ready to go FULL SEND  with your ecoboost mustang? We have built a kit just for you!! The EMS FULL SEND KIT  is exactly what you need to send your Ecoboost Mustang to the next level. This kit includes Our EMS by RISE Catch Tank, EMS AEM 5 Bar Map Sensor Kit, EMS 3-Port Mac Valve Kit, and a Sweet Bonus  that we’ve thrown in, our EMS 3D Printed Twist & Lock Funnel! 

It’s extremely important when pushing your Ecoboost Mustang past 30 psi, that you have everything you need, to control, and monitor those high boost situations when you’re going FULL SEND. with this kit you’ll be ready to throw all the boost at each pass. good for 40+ psi.


Please allow up to 6 weeks for catch tank build time, as catch tanks are built upon order.


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  • EMS by RISE Catch Tank

  • EMS AEM 5 Bar Map Sensor Kit

  • EMS 3-Port Mac Valve Kit

  • *BONUS: EMS 3D Printed Twist & Lock Funnel 


EMS by RISE Catch Tank

This is the culmination of testing several solutions for eliminating crankcase pressure in the EcoBoost engine. As we all know, these engines have an inherent crankcase issue that is only magnified when the boost gets turned up (40+ psi). Most crankcase ventilation solutions on the market recirculate the pressure to the intake stream, bringing oil, gas, and water back into the combustion chamber, which lowers the effective octane.

Our system utilizes three -10 lines, two from the Radium breather plate that is included in the kit and one from the valve cover. This ensures the maximum flow from the crankcase pressure into our catch tank and is vented to the atmosphere, instead of into your engine, through the HKS foam filter on top. The tank has several baffles and a steel-wool-lined layer to make sure that the gas, oil, and water are contained in the tank and can be disposed of properly during oil changes or in between track passes.

The kit includes:

1 EMS by Rise catch tank pre-fitted with a steel-wool layer and HKS foam filter

1 Radium PCV baffle plate

Pre-made -10 black nylon braided lines with fittings

and mounting bolts

with options for 1 OEM crankcase sensor (optional, can use yours if you like) or you can tap the OEM valve cover and use a -10 AN fitting (shown in the product gallery)

EMS AEM 5 Bar Map Sensor Kit

Our EMS AEM 5 Bar Map Sensor Kit  is our solution to the limited stock 3 bar map sensor. If you are planning to push your boost levels past the 29psi the stock sensor maxes out at, this is the kit we recommend to go FULL SEND!

EMS 3-Port Mac Valve Kit

Provides more precise boost control with robust connections for boost source and wastegate lines to prevent loosing control of boost.

Comes with every needed to bolt directly on the OEM BCS Bracket and plug into the wiring harness:

-Authentic Industrial Grade Valve

-High quality 1/4″ HPS high temp line

-4 PEX Clamps

-1/8″ NPT


BONUS!! EMS 3D Printed Twist & Lock Funnel 

Fits all 2.0 and 2.3 EcoBoost engines, gen 2 and gen 3 Coyotes, and Numerous other Ford Vehicles.

These will come 3D printed from polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG), which is known for its chemical resistance and will include an o-ring for perfect sealing!

No more looking for a funnel after an oil change; we got you covered!

Additional information

Weight 35 oz
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 in


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