Kellford DLC Coated Cam Follower | 2.3L Ecoboost



Kelford Cams





Designed specifically for the Ford Ecoboost 2.L Engine:

31mm OD. 3.50mm shim. 25mm skirt

Kelford Cams DLC Coated Buckets Feature:

  • larger internal fillet and reinforced skirt.
  • Increased rigidity increases both camshaft and bucket longevity.
  • DLC coated follower surface decrease friction
  • Decreases surface wear and oil temps
  • Improves torque required to turn the camshaft.


Available sizes: 2.78mm,3.0mm,3.50mm,3.78mm, 5.25mm, 6.15mm and 6.40mm ‘shim’ thickness options


Disclaimer: Installation by a qualified tradesperson is strongly recommended. These cam followers are not a drop in solution.Note: There is a fixed internal length for each part number. Setting valve clearance (Lash) is required by adjusting valve tip heights, seat cut depth and camshaft base circle size.


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