Precision NX2 Turbocharger



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Key Features Include:
• Direct drop in replacement and installs without modifications (no adapters needed)
• High efficiency CEA® compressor & turbine wheels for more HP, better response, & less lag
• Dual ceramic ball bearing for more durability
• Investment Cast HK30 Stainless turbine housing designed to withstand high temperatures
• Divided twin scroll turbine housing for improved throttle response
• Ported shroud compressor housing for enhanced compressor map width. Low RPM response for increased top end performance.
• 520 HP capable with supporting mods and custom tune
• 1YR No Fault – No Hassle Warranty

Purchase includes:
New gaskets and silicone couplers including 3” for aftermarket or stock intake systems

* Tune/tuner required which is not included with turbo
* ECOBOOST, Ford & Mustang are registered trademarks of Ford Motor Company, which is
not in affiliation with Precision Turbo or Wabtec


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