Tune+ Port Injection Kit w/ Ethanol Content Sensor


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From the basic to the extreme Tune+ has finalized all testing and have chosen the optimal injectors and configuration for each style of customer. Stock turbo, Turbo Upgrade, Turbo Upgrade and Built motor. Each test had impressive results, and each performed flawless in regards to the fuel system. This kit can be used with all fuels, not just E85. However it is 100% ethanol safe and uses non-permeating hose.

Stock Turbo Mustang – 370-380whp with full-bolt ons
Stock Turbo Focus RS – 390-410whp with full-bolt ons

This kit as fueled cars up to 600whp on E85, and will support more on racegas with the correct build. If you are looking for 600whp or higher please email tuning@adamtuned.com and we will sort out the proper size injectors and discuss low pressure pump (LPFP/Lift Pump) upgrade options as the stock pump will be out of fuel on E85 around 600whp.

Each kit will come with the following:

  • Fuel Injection plate and Rail
  • Custom Fuel Lines
  • Fuel feed line adapter (Mustang only, RS is built in-line)
  • 4 Flow Matched Bosch Injectors
  • Bluetooth ethanol content sensor with iOS and Android support
  • 3D Printed mounting plate for ethanol content sensor
  • Custom Split Second Fuel Controller with 4 channel RPM Pickup, No tach adapter needed  – Also includes custom harness 
  • Connect Fuel-It bluetooth module to ethanol content sensor and run 12v power (Red) and ground (Black), Yellow (Not Used)


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