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We will do anything in our power to provide safe and reliable maps for your performance vehicle, while providing appropriate gains. We at EMS want you to enjoy our services and have a great experience. General liability is on the owner of the vehicle, and not the tuner. You are knowingly, and willingly modifying the current state that your car is in for performance gains. We do NOT, and will NOT accept any liability damages to you, or your vehicle. We will do our best to provide a detailed explanation to any scenario while tuning. Custom tuning is classified as a non-tangible digital product, therefore we do not issue refunds on any tuning services after the process has been started. The purchase can only be refunded prior to the basemap/initial email being sent out. Once the initial email with your map/list of instruction has been sent the tuning process has been started, and the purchase is marked as complete. All custom tuning is non transferable to new owners/vehicles. The custom tune is for the original purchaser/vehicle. Once this form is filled out and the custom tuning package is purchased the E-Tune process will begin. BASEMAPS ARE SENT OUT WITHIN 3 BUSINESS DAYS FROM RECEIPT OF PURCHASE/REQUEST FORM. By completing this form, you fully agree with all requirements as stated above, and allowing us to safely, reliable tune your vehicle. Thank you!